SDWORKS is hosting the "HAVE A SEAT!" furniture design mini-exhibition showing the works of Year 2 Students in Product Design produced during the subjects:


SD2466 Technology 1 - Structure

SD2470 Technology 2 - Materials/Processes

With the understanding of materials from the sustainable/ economical/innovation point of view, and the techniques used in processing these materials, the students used scraps and/or semi-finished products to handmake the objects using PolyU facilities in Industrial Centre and School of Design wood and metal workshops. The stools and tables presented are based on a subtle formula mixing material, processes, and structural principles.


Tutor: Philippe Casens

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AIR METAL  |  CAI Zihan, Hans

Two sheets of aluminium are bolted to metallic legs; the comfortable seating surface can also be used as a side table, achieved through the flexible nature of sheet metal and the leather, which acts as insulation between the aluminium and the user. 


Material & Process

Aluminium metal sheet mechanically bended, steel leg with readymade junction.

TILT  |  CHAN Si Jin

A playful stool that allows you to lean over and spin, or simply have a stable seat. 


Material and Process:

Laser cut 0.6mm MDF, Vinyl wrap

CONDUIT  | CHANG Pei-chi, Peggy


Minimal side table with exchangeable cover in matte and clear. An experimentation with materials, production technique and modular parts. 

Spray finished bent metal pipes with matte and clear acrylic cover


A continuous iron tube structured by a PPMA top

FLOATING STOOL  | CHEN Xiaoyang, Charlie

Floating stool project is originally a material and structure study relevant to seating furnishing. It is constructed with 3 pieces of bended acrylic (cut by laser cutting), which are interlocked with each other. Each acrylic piece is nailed to a flat plywood piece on the top that functions as a seat. 


The 3 pieces of acrylic are simply interlocked by slotting. The purpose of the design is to make assembly process easy but difficult to disassemble by the end users. The entire transparent structure creates an effect that floats the seating part. The design aims to make the leg part invisible and make the seating part stand out in order to give a sense of light weight with intention of blending the design with the surroundings. 

Material & Process 

Plywwod, PMMA

TRI-STACK  |  FUNG Siu To, Victor

A stackable and juxtaposable multipurpose stool.


Material & Process 

Painted CNC plywood


The cornerstone is a piece that allows the creation of furniture, using it as a centrepiece to hold everything together. The design allows legs and parts to be attached in several configurations and allow materials of different shapes and sizes to become its legs while looking elegant and neat.


It is designed to be mass produced, with the shape relatively straightforward to mould and produce. The prototype is produced with concrete as part of a material exploration exercise but can be adapted into other methods of production. 



Fibre reinforced concrete, pine legs secured with bolts

PVC leather for the chair and Glass top for the table


A trapezoidal stool using a strong MDF structure and leather to provide a comfortable sitting experience. 


Material & Process

Laser-cut MDF, hand craft leather

ROTATION  |  TSE Hong I, Sophia

A stool obtained by rotating a flat cardboard along folds.


Material & Process 

Hand folded cardboard covered by vinyl adhesive film

LONE STOOL  |  VITTIE Denissa Calista

Inspired by origami, the lone stool is a piece of metal sheet folded into star shape using the natural elasticity of metal.


0.8mm Galvanized steel 



CNC, folding by hand 

SIMPLEX  |  WONG Ho Ting, Dan

A stool / side table which can be assembled or disassembled at any time


Material & Process 

Laser-cut MDF wood 

A-STOOL |  Zhan Wan

A stool using arch and tensegrity, enabling a dynamic yet strong structure in a constant equilibrium of tension and compression.


Material & Process

Polycarbonate sheet and Steel cable



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